We are a flagship store for Background Coffee, sourced with care, crafted with love..


Our ideology is simple; consciousness in health and purity in coffee. But what does it really mean? The Hideout Specialty Coffee House exists to curate delicious, nourishing food and the finest in Background Coffee for our patrons.

Every element within our cosy nook has been thoughtfully considered. Our coffee is grown sustainably and sourced with care. In order to showcase its diversity, we have selected light and fully developed roasts and use soft-brewing methods to provide an unforgettable tasting experience.

We are truly devoted to giving our guests food that is sensitive to a well-considered diet as well as the environment. We carefully work one-on-one with our suppliers and farmers to source local ingredients, which in-turn lessens the impact of imports, whilst supporting local communities.

Our building has been designed with consideration to the natural surroundings; structurally, architecturally and ethically. Stone and brick were used to conjure organic warmth, whilst the outer timber beams are repurposed spotted-gum; found within Sydney mills or collected from dismantled bridges.

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02 8385 3599



30 Fisher Road,
Dee Why
NSW 2099


Opening Hours

M-Fri 6am-4pm,
Sat 7am-1pm
Sun Closed



Call 1800HIDEOUT from 7am – 4pm daily, or order online with Hey You.